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Rock Reverso

Launched in 2018, this new type of ceramic finish allows design lovers to beautifully combine the elegance and warmth of wood with the strength of stone.

The available Rock Reverso finishes (OxydoCorten, Pizarra, Ceniza and Luna) allow you to combine a wooden side in the standard colours of our transformable design pool table with a ceramic side created by Spanish company Levantina.
This product is already a global benchmark in the world of decoration and architecture thanks to the exclusive properties of the material.

It is more resistant than wood to heat, sunlight, scratches, knocks and scuffs, which is very important when using a transformable dining table, don't you think?
The Rock Reverso table top is practical and smart, as it allows you to adapt to the way in which you are using your table. The fine wood front is for chill moments, and the ceramic back for more "Rock 'n' Roll" moments. This gives your design pool table two atmospheres, two finishes, two usable sides and two functions.

FusionTables Rock reverso