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Wood-Line table

Is it an impossible challenge to mix nature and design ? The fusiontables dining pool concept is addressing this challenge by mixing a sleek and minimalistic design with natural components. Its authentic and timeless character is bringing a special Fusiontables brand to your home.

Nature lovers who are passionate about wood material will love this new range, blending seamlessly into natural and zen spaces but also complimenting the user’s way of life. Own the real thing, play with nature, and enjoy the Woodline effect at home to create your own story and soft aesthetic.


Table dimensions
2.30 m x 1.34 m; height: 0.75 m
90.6” x 52.8” ; height: 29.5”

Playing surface
1.92 m x 0.96 m
75.6” x 37.8”

Optimum dimensions for the dining room*
4.90 m x 3.95 m
192” x 154”
(*) With standard & Pro-Cup Aramith accessory kits.

For this top-of-the-range line, the table's structure and legs are in veneered wood.