Nice Design table

We are pleased about everything at the fusion table both for billiard and also for dining. We have bought the table in 2009 and we have never had any issues or problems with the table so we are confidant to recommend this table for people who demand good quality. The table is easy to use on a daily basis when fast changing from fun to dining "just" when guest arrives. The fusion table is solid and steady both when playing billiard and when dining.

Jacob K. Hørsholm (Denmark)
2 years 1 month

Une belle surprise

Vu par hasard à la foire de Paris Très bonne conception, nous avons fait l'acquisition d'une table et d'un dressoir, nous sommes très satisfait du design et de la qualité des produits. Réellement utilisable en billard et en table, dressoir pratique pour le rangement des plateauxExcellente communication, et très bons prestataires pour la livraison et le montage

Philippe P. Paris (France)
2 years 8 months

Our Mayfair sweet home

Dear Fusiontables team, please find my pics. It is a bit better when sunny, cf pictures attached This lovely dining table which by the way me and my usual guests are enjoying very much, both for play and diners is perfectl matching my home style. thanks again for the good service.

Gauthier M (London,UK)
4 years 3 months

Our dream table is arrived

We love the table so much! Valencia fitters were on time and very efficient. Electrician is coming to move the overhead lights on Monday. Also photographer taking pics of our garden etc next week but here's a few phone camera snaps to be getting on with!!

D. Litten (Benidorm, Spain)
4 years 3 months

I love this more than my husband actually

I m still prepare to show your table to all potential buyers in Slovenia for as many times as needed :) I really love this model.

Maja B. (Ankaran, Slovenia)
4 years 5 months